“It is time for the GOP to unite behind my candidacy, starting with Nick Begich quitting this race today, and then campaign with me to ensure that a true conservative is elected in November.”   

Wasilla, Alaska/September 5, 2022 — At a press conference today, Governor Sarah Palin issued the following statement: 

“When I filed the paperwork to enter the race to replace the late, great Don Young on Friday, April 1st, it was no joke. I said then like I say now that I would be honored to represent the Great State of Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives, and fight for hard working Alaskans against the woke, corrupt democrats who are destroying the very foundations of the United States of America. 

“At the time, I knew ranked-choice voting as a construct of establishment politicians, but only now can we really appreciate what a joke it is. I am really not surprised by the trainwreck this cockamamie system cooked up by establishment elites has produced in our state now that a democrat has been elected to fill the Alaskan people’s at-large House seat. 


“I am also not surprised that 20 years after I first took on the good ol’ boys network in Alaska, they would come for me again, only this time with a vengeance and a force we have never seen before in Alaska. In fact, it’s because the good ol’ boys network that I am not the Congressman-elect today. 

“Since the day I announced my candidacy, they have defamed me, they have attacked me, and they have lied about me to the Alaskan people. What did they get out of it? They got a democrat elected. 

“Only by splitting the Republican vote could a democrat be the Congressman-elect in Alaska today. That’s why I asked you to join me here today. The deadline for a candidate to withdraw from the race and be removed from the ballot is at 5:00 pm today. So, let me tell you about who the withdrawing candidate must be in order for the State of Alaska to be represented by a conservative Republican – one who will fight for the people and help the Republicans regain a majority in Congress. 

“There have been three elections for this House seat so far since Don Young’s passing: the Special Primary Election, the Special General Election, and the regular midterm Primary Election. Each time, the good ol’ boys’ fake polling showed me losing to Nick Begich, and each time I beat Nick outright. He is a three-time loser whom I defeated by comfortable margins three times. 

“This is despite that fact that I have faced the ugliest, most negative campaigning in Alaskan history. You’ll notice that in these ads, Nick and his corporate sponsors don’t talk about what Nick would do to help Alaska, nor about our democrat opponent – they spend almost all of their time attacking me. Believe me, the people of Alaska are disgusted by this negative campaigning. 

“Here’s the ironic thing. Nick’s ads have called me a quitter for five months, and now he wants me, the one who is clearly the only Republican in this race who can win, to quit. Now, that’s a real joke. Sorry Nick, I will never retreat, I will only reload. 

“Interestingly, I am told that the day after the Department of Elections announced the election results last week, Negative Nick Begich took a trip to Washington, D.C. What on Earth do you suppose he went there for, to go on bended knee to beg his corporate sponsors for more campaign money? Well, let me tell you, when I go to Washington, I won’t go there to beg like Negative Nick, nor like Joe Biden begging to Saudi Arabia for more oil. No, I will go standing on both feet ready to take on the establishment politicians and the good ol’ boys like I always have and always will. 

“That’s why today I am calling on Negative Nick Begich to get out of this race. He does not represent the best of Alaska. He represents the good ol’ boys network, the establishment, and yes, the democrat party. Only a democrat-sympathizer would selfishly stay in this race after getting licked three times in a row by his GOP opponent only to enable a democrat to hold the Alaskan people’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

“It is time for the GOP to unite behind my candidacy, starting with Nick Begich quitting this race today, and then campaign with me to ensure that a true conservative is elected in November. Otherwise, Nick, his corporate sponsors, and his democrat party backers will ensure that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s destructive political agenda will continue without someone there to fight for Alaskan oil and gas workers, Alaskan families struggling under Bidenflation, and Alaskan hunters and outdoorsmen at risk of losing their right to keep and bear arms. 

“The clock is ticking, Nick. You have until 5:00 pm today to do the right thing. If you truly support the election of a real conservative Republican from Alaska to the U.S. House of Representatives, you are not that candidate, I am.” 

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