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Sarah Palin “has always fought for Alaskans first and has been one of the best ambassadors for this great state in our history.” 

Wasilla, Alaska/August 13, 2022 — Today, Mike Nizich endorsed Governor Sarah Palin to represent the great State of Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives 

“As voters make their final decisions in the race to succeed Don Young in Congress, I had to step up and declare my support for the only candidate on the ballot who makes sense considering the challenges America faces currently. I have known Governor Sarah Palin for nearly 20 years, and served as her Chief of Staff in Juneau. I personally witnessed her triumphs against the old boys network in politics, including her energy policies that delivered real results for every Alaskan, as well as her selfless decision to step aside when her ability to govern was paralyzed by establishment politicians, predatory attorneys, and the lying news media,” Nizich said. 

“She has always fought for Alaskans first and has been one of the best ambassadors for this great state in our history. Today, the forces of elitism are targeting regular people who struggle to decide between food and fuel. The only way we can combat out-of-control spending, radical energy policies, and the infringement of our freedoms — including the right to keep and bear arms — is with a battle-tested warrior who will rise to any challenge on behalf of all Alaskans. That person is Sarah Palin. Please join me in voting for Sarah today!” 

“I’ve always admired and respected Mike, and I’m proud to have earned his endorsement in this race to represent Alaska in Congress,” Palin said. “When I served as governor, I relied on Mike’s wise counsel and unsurpassed experience as an advocate for the people of Alaska. He has been a model public servant throughout a long career working with Republican, Democrat, and even third-party administrations. At every step along the way, he earned the trust of his employers and the people of Alaska with his diligence and honesty.” 

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