“There is still time for Begich to do the honorable thing and withdraw before the November election.”   

Wasilla, Alaska/September 1, 2022 — Today, Governor Sarah Palin called on her Republican opponent, Nick Begich, to withdraw from the race for Alaska’s at-large congressional seat. 

“Nick Begich is now a three-time loser. His ego-driven insistence on staying in Alaska’s congressional race after repeatedly failing to garner a majority of Republican votes, while I have consistently won the vote, has just cost Republicans a seat in Congress. Fortunately, there is still time for Begich to do the honorable thing and withdraw before the November election.  

“From the moment he started attacking our respected Congressman, Don Young, ‘Negative Nick’ has focused all his energy on attacking his Republican opponents instead of going after Joe Biden and the radical democrats who are destroying our country.  

“First, Begich – of Alaska’s democrat political dynasty family – challenged Rep. Young in office, and had the gall to add to his long list of lies by actually claiming he had Young’s support in his bid to oust him. And then, Negative Nick turned his unhinged ire on me. As a result, Alaska’s vote in Congress will now empower Nancy Pelosi and the destructive Biden agenda that is locking up Alaska and killing our jobs. 

“What happened in the Special General Election Ranked Choice Vote is not the will of the people who see what the Biden agenda is doing to America. Instead, it’s the will of a corrupt political establishment, and Negative Nick played his role perfectly by dividing Republicans with his dirty campaigning. He is a liberal, proudly supporting and voting for liberal democrats to put them in office while condemning me for traveling the country to fight for Alaska’s interests and to get common sense conservatives elected. As a liberal, wholly unknown to Alaskans – like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – he knew there was no way for him to win, but as a foil he ran as a registered Republican to split the GOP vote.  

“Unlike democrats who, after losing a race, circle the wagon and support the winner for the good of the cause, Begich fed a circular firing squad, using lies and negativity as his ammunition. All three times Alaskans voted, Begich was soundly thumped.  

“If Begich cares about the people of Alaska and the Republican Party to which he professes to belong, then he should accept reality – take the loss like a real Alaskan man – so that Republican voters can coalesce behind their preferred candidate and reclaim Alaska’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

“Further, on behalf of all Alaskans, I call on the Division of Elections to release all data on the number of ballots they, via the Dominion Computer System, rejected, the precise reason for rejecting ballots, and an explanation for this extended timeline in allowing our state to be represented in Washington, for we’ll have gone nearly eight months with no representation in Congress.” 

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