Corruption. Self-Interest. POLITICIANS.   



Corruption. Self-Interest. POLITICIANS.   

“The only people who benefit from Ranked Choice Voting are career politicians and the special interests that are in bed with them.” 

Wasilla, Alaska/August 10, 2022 — Today, Gov. Sarah Palin issued the following statement in response to undercover video released by Project Veritas showing staffers for Sen. Lisa Murkowski admitting that Ranked-Choice Voting was designed to get Sen. Murkowski re-elected: 

“Don’t make me say, ‘Told ya so!’ But, I told you so.  

“I’ve said all along that Ranked Choice Voting was designed to benefit democrats and RINOs, specifically Sen. Lisa Murkowski (who stood no chance of winning a Republican nomination), along with other political-dynasty family members in Alaska. Finally, the proof, straight from the horse’s mouth. Just go to the tape… thank you Project Veritas.  

“Many of the same people who worked for Ballot Measure 2 work for the Murkowski campaign. They won’t admit this publicly, but privately they’re flippant and open that this convoluted newfangled system was crafted to rescue Murkowski.  

“The only people who benefit from Ranked Choice Voting are career politicians and the special interests that are in bed with them. The people of Alaska, on the other hand, are frustrated, confused, and discouraged. People are worried that their vote won’t count – or worse, that they’ll accidentally end up voting in a way that benefits a candidate they oppose. As I keep saying: we are being disenfranchised!  

“We must repeal Ballot Measure 2, go back to a straightforward, common-sense system that elects the candidate who earns the most votes, and we MUST allow hand-counting for verification’s sake, instead of trusting this new weird ‘machine-counting-only’ computerized system.  

“Clean up the voter rolls, too! And require voter ID.  

“Alaska is the test-case this election season, the first in the nation with these new elements of a perfectly bad storm, so I’m warning concerned citizens across America to pay attention and not allow this to slither its way into our other 49 states.  

“Despite being mocked and criticized for sounding this warning bell (ehh, to the critics I say: get in line), please join me in fighting for what is right – in Alaska AND Outside.  

“America’s survival depends on election integrity. Do not bend!” 

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